Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Reversed City Marketing

During the last decades the image of cities, as powerful and attractive places, has made a revival:  cities have become again the place to be and the place where you can make your dreams come true.

This two week summer course give you the opportunity to literally take part in the city of Amsterdam. You will be learning about the new way to do city marketing.

The course is designed in close cooperation with a number of Amsterdam partners and offers you a full understanding of the city’s character; why is Amsterdam attractive to visitors and citizens. Why does Amsterdam have a cosmopolitan appeal. But you will also learn about the adverse effects which Amsterdam is experiencing nowadays because large groups of people would like to visit or live in Amsterdam. You will meet and see old, new and young initiatives providing interesting insights and proposing solutions to achieve a better balance. By the end, you will have become more of a real urban insider and a part of our inter-city network in Amsterdam.

To do and to achieve:

  • Working on a real case
  • Exploring and conducting research in the city
  • Getting more acquainted of visual and other sensorial research methodologies (how does a place smell and what does that say?)
  • Getting tools to better identify meaningful trends and to predict cities’ prosperity and resilience.
  • Filming and contributing to a publication for real world media
  • Enhancing your network: being part of our research group Cities & Visitors

This course is offered in a Regular (4 ECTS) and Extended (6 ECTS) version. For more information please see ’Learning Objectives’ and ‘Learning Activities’.

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 27 November 2020