Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Learning activities

  • Company visits
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Prepare presentation


Individual assignment: Workshop portfolio (70%)

You will put together all outcomes of every workshop which you engaged. You will structure this portfolio on the subjects mentioned in the SCOR-model:

  • Plan
  • Source
  • Make
  • Deliver
  • Return

You will also describe the flow of goods, information, and funds which are mentioned during the various company visits and lectures. This portfolio is to be handed in on the last day.

Group assignment: What’s new in Supply Chain Innovation?(30%)

Present a new, innovation example in Supply Chain Management with your group. Describe the innovation, in what industry it is/can be applied, and what the general benefits are. You will present in front of the class. The presentation will last 15 minutes (maximum). After the presentation there will be room for discussion.

The group will consist of 4 students. On every day there will be an opportunity every to get lecturer support and feedback in preparing the presentation. The deadline for the presentations is day 9. Every presentation is to be handed in digitally and presented the day after.

Feedback and review is provided in class after the presentation according to the assessment model which will be provided.

Extended 6 EC version

For students who need 6 EC in order to transfer their course back to their home university we offer an opportunity to acquire an additional 2 ECTS with our special extended version. This means you will attend the two-week course and, after finishing the course and returning home, work on the extra assignment under online guidance of one of our lecturers. You can hand-in your assignment up to 4 weeks after the course ends (by e-mail).

Additional learning activities extended version

Individual assignment: Sustainable supply chain.

Write a report (1000 words) about the future consequences for a company’s international supply chain when they implement a sustainable supply chain. You will choose an existing manufacturing or retail company which you will research.

All individual assignments are to be submitted latest on August 31st, before the new academic year starts. You will get feedback online.

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 20 December 2017