Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Course lecturers

Dr. Marten Teitsma

Dr. Marten Teitsma is special professor at the AUAS and leading the research group Applied Quantum Computing. He cooperates with QuSoft and coordinates education in Quantum.Amsterdam.

Dr. Bernardo Villalba Frias

Dr. Bernardo Villalba Frias has a background in computing architectures and obtained Phd at the University of Trento onthe topic `Bringing Probabilistic Real-Time Guarantees to the Real World’. He is lecturer at the Computer Science department of the AUAS and teaches about embedded systems, Human Machine Interfaces and Applied Quantum Computing.

Ed Kuijpers

Ed Kuijpers graduated in Information theory at the TU Delft. After working for a number of years at the Amsterdam Science Park, he continued work for many years in support of space projects. Nowadays he is a lecturer and researcher in the Technical Computing track of the Computer Science department of the AUAS. His currrent teaching activities include testing, robotics, AI, and Applied Quantum Computing.

Skander Jaibi

Skander Jaibi graduated with a Master degree at the Physics department of the University of Utrecht in 2010 on the topic of `Structicles, why particles are not what they seem’. He is lecturer at the Technical Physics department and active in quantum technologies.

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