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During this summer course you will design and implement a VR/AR experiment where you will try to answer a question on the usability, applicability or effectiveness of VR/AR in your self-built VR or AR environment.

Examples of questions:

  • If you want to control a vehicle in VR, would it be beneficial to use a (mock-up of a) steering wheel as an input device or to use a generic “wand-like” controller such as those that come with commercial VR systems?
  • If you want to collaborate in a multi-player VR experience, is it more important that the players can hear each other or that they can see each other?

By the end of this course you will have learned what Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are, how they can be implemented and how to build a 3D environment. You will also be able to set up and conduct an experiment, analyse the outcomes, interpret and present the results.

Published by  Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries 13 December 2018