Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Course content

Work with challenging new design possibility’s, rethink traditional workingmethodes, and create products in 3D simulation that are of influence how fashion will be presented.

Topics to be discussed:

  • What is the meaning of fashion today?
  • Is Virtual fashion the new real?
  • New dimension and roles in fashion and digital commerce.
  • How does Virtual designing relate to sustainability?

Topics to learn, practice and present:

How to design a garment when it will not be made in real? Working methods in CLO3d, pattern construction and alteration, sewing, closures, seams, finishings and more interesting details. Fitting garments on the avatar, create a true to life simulations in 3D with best materialization, pose and animation, to create a convincing presentation.

This course is taught by resident teachers, guest lecturers from the industry and AMFI graduates. Throughout the course, the participants will receive instructions, guidance and tutorship to work on a project individual or in small groups.

The Project will be presented and granted with a certificate at the end of the course, on the 16thof July, the results will be of interest for your portfolio.

Materializing tangible end-products in a digital manner. Source: Summer School course AMFI 2019: different participants

Published by  AUAS Summer School 31 March 2021