Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Course lecturers

This course is taught by excellent lecturers, with years of experience in the field of 3D fashion & technology and in education.

Ineke Siersema

Ineke Siersema, (Summer course) coördinator, Master of Art Education, innovator and lecturer at AMFI in 3d virtual prototyping in fashion, as CLO3d expert she will inspire on experimenting the endless possibilitys, the new workingmethodes, the digital craftmanship and the influence on the design process. She will be teaching CLO3d from scratch to create tangible virtual end-products and comines a broad range of other applications.

Birgit Muis

As coördinator Minor 3D Hypercraft and trendwatcher, she will introduce AMFI and our focus on important values related to Sustainability and 3D Virtual fashion & Technology. She will lecture on future trends that are visible at the moment and what we can expect in the near future.

Lisette Vonk

Lisette Vonk is lecturer and coordinator in the HVA Atelier VR/AR for interdisciplinary and future education. As a researcher in the Lectoraat Fashion & Technology she developes interesting 3D projects. She will introduce and show you most important topics and projects related to 3D technology and fashion in a workshop and Masterclass. Bodyscanning is one of them and also her expertise. A challenge for you to work with developments related to virtual fashion design.

Emma van Gerven

Graduated at AMFI in 2019 as a new 3D designer that relates to broad 3D knowledge in VR/AR and presented a VR modular knit experience. She works as a VR artist together with different companys and is teacher at AMFI. She will introduce 3D in different workshops where fashion products will be made and presented.

Julie Zil VostaLova

Julie Zil VostaLova, graduated AMFI in 2016 with the first No-waste Phygital collection. Circular thinking and No-Waste design principles are of her expertises. She works as a 3D fashion designer and is founder of OFFOPRM3D and She performs work in Helsinki fashion week. She is our guest teacher and will inspire on circular thinking and advices on artistic approach and performance to discover the intersection of technology and fashion.

Our 3e/4e year students and graduates

For lectures, presentations and assistance in class we ask the best students and graduates to present and assist. Each summer course we invite new guest speakers to bring across the research topics that are cutting edge, important and inspiring for you and ‘fresh’ graduates to assist in class that can give you the latest information on 3d fashion and technology.

Source: Chandenie Poeniet, graduation project 2021

Published by  AUAS Summer School 31 March 2021