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A high level in accurate 3d virtual prototyping is what we like to achieve together, that’s why we are using the true-to-life 3d simulation software CLO3d. The learning curve this 3D software generates is steep, when concentrating on the learning process. In two weeks you learn the most important basics and you will jump to tne next level, if you are using the studyhours that are available.

It is advisable to prepare the course and improve your results. By learning in advance and try-out the exercises online, via the website, your end results will be better. It is possible to download a trial version for 30 days so you can research the possibilitys. In the course we work with the professional Enterprise version. Find on the CLO website how to get a lisence for longer term, possible per month.


Open source patterns to download, study and play around with


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Source: Hypercraft 2021 Agata Leszczynska

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Published by  AUAS Summer School 31 March 2021