Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Learning activities

  • Week one will be more design and experiment driven, week two more product and presentation driven.
  • In the morning from 9.00 theory and practise 3D, afternoon workshops, lectures and selfstudy.
  • The course combines classes and new teaching methods with workshops and technical instructions.
  • There are guided discussions in and moments for self-study, research and peer showcases.
  • Learn interactive hands-on approach where e-learning and learning by doing is core.
  • Pitch your fashion vision and outcomes to a jury of experts/teachers.
  • Obviously, the level of process and (end) products will relate to the student’s mindset and skill-set on arrival.


  • Active building of knowledge in 3D simulation technologies for fashion.
  • Learn about, create and meet other innovative tools.
  • Visit the AMFI Next exhibition 2021 online where our graduates presented their work
  • Meet and greet graduates and professionals as they present their work and research in 3D
  • Meet products from the VR/AR Experience Atelier that relates prototypes to fashion.

Source: Summerschool course AMFI: presentation by Tasneem Aziz

Source: Summerschool course AMFI: presentation by Tasneem Aziz

Published by  AUAS Summer School 31 March 2021