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Course overview

Would you like to internationalize your career? Gain global branding and marketing expertise as well as develop your English language skills at the highest level? The Global Branding and Cambridge English course focuses on building brands in a global and cross-cultural context. In the digital age, even small brands can become global brands. It also prepares you for the official Cambridge C1 Business English Higher Certificate (formerly known as BEC Higher).

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Course content

The aim of this course is to develop your global branding knowledge and professional English language skills. The focus is on global marketing communications, and by the end of the course, you will have acquired a high level of expertise in this field. During this course your English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will be brought up to advanced and proficiency level, i.e. C1- C2 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). After the course, you should be able to communicate more confidently, fluently and naturally in English in any business situation. In terms of professional development in this course, you will develop competences, such as cross-cultural communication skills, while working in international virtual teams. Virtual projects from previous years have included partnerships with universities in North America and South America.

Course items
  • Global Branding Projects: you will apply your global branding expertise in projects and assignments, often carried out in international virtual teams. This will help you gain a deep understanding of the global branding and international marketing communications concepts, theories and models.
  • Global Branding Exam Assignment: you will demonstrate your professional expertise and communication skills in an exam assignment.
  • Global Branding and Cambridge English Portfolio: the Global Branding & Cambridge English Portfolio consists of several assignments, including written and speaking assignments.
  • Business English Assignments: at the end of the course, you will submit 2 portfolios showing that your business English is at C1-C2 level: reading and writing assignments and listening and speaking assignments, e.g. paper presentation, podcast review and summary, virtual teamwork meeting.

Target group

This course is offered at bachelor level. The target group consists of students or starting professionals who are interested in a career in international marketing communication and who already have a reasonable grasp of English.

Global Branding & Cambridge English dates

You have the option of attending lectures online or at our campus. Classes will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, in the afternoon. The course will start on February 7, 2023. You can register until 15 January 2023.


The tuition fee of this course is € 2.800; additionally, the studybooks of this course will cost approximately € 250.


To be admissible you need a diploma of at least secondary vocational education, senior general secondary education or pre-university education. This course is for students with an advanced level of English.

Study load

The course duration is five months, consisting of 2 blocks of 10 weeks with classes, projects, assignments and feedback sessions. The total study load of on average 20 hours a week; this includes class hours.

Class size

You will take the course together with a class of approximately 25 - 30 part-time students from the Faculty of Business & Economics. Part-time students are professionals with a job in the field of study.

What will this course give you?

  • AUAS certificate at bachelor's level.
  • First-class knowledge, directly applicable.
  • Visible impact in your current job.
  • Strong professional competences.
  • Strong community network.

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Questions about the course
Christopher Higgins, course lecturer
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