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CREATE-IT applied research

CREATE-IT applied research

CREATE-IT researches the influence of digital media and technology on society and the city. Our practice-based research contributes to innovations in the professional sector and ensures that students graduate with relevant competencies for the creative industry, IT and digital media.

The research projects of the labs and research groups contribute to increasing the capacity of the city’s residents and users. Hence, the knowledge centre has chosen  Citizen Empowerment as its unifying theme.

Researchers in the research groups look critically at the effects of digitalisation on different aspects of daily life, such as learning, working, playing, sports, care, clothing, shopping and recreation. The research is multidisciplinary: it brings creative industries and IT together with other sectors such as healthcare, retail and fashion.

In  labs, researchers work with students, teachers, creative industry companies and social organisations. With the MediaLAB and the Digital Life Centre, CREATE-IT has much experience in working in labs and continually seeks new ways to further professionalise this multidisciplinary approach.

Published by  CREATE-IT Applied Research 28 July 2015