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Fashion Research & Technology

Research group associated with the Amsterdam Fashion Institute

The Fashion & Technology research group conducts research into fashion, focusing on the application of new technologies and the related consequences. The research group has three main themes: digitalization, textile-integrated creative technology and the social and environmental impact of the fashion sector. 

Fashion Research & Technology conducts multidisciplinary research, adopting perspectives from the humanities and sciences. This includes studying perception and evaluating the reliability and validity of measuring methods. We also use ‘research through design’, a research method that requires a design to be created before the research can be carried out. Moreover, our researchers are closely involved with the teaching programmes of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, AMFI – part of the Faculty of Digital Media & Creative Industries – as well as with other degree programmes at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS).


With regard to digitalization, we conduct applied research into the effects and possibilities of virtual fashion design, virtual prototyping and virtual, mixed and augmented reality for creation and co-creation, presentation and production. Fit and measuring methods are also important aspects of this theme. In addition, digitalization has an effect on communication processes, including fashion communication processes, and therefore on the entire fashion process, including on consumers, their behaviour and their data.

Textile-integrated creative technology

Textile-integrated creative technology involves studying how wearers experience technology that is integrated into textile. This involves such things as vibrating engines and technology that produces heat, pressure or sound. In addition, we study ethical aspects, with regard to sensors that collect body data, for example, and communication with other smart devices. Textile-integrated technology has creative and affective qualities that can have a major influence on the industry and its consumers, and as a result also on the future of fashion.

Social and environmental impact

Finally, we also investigate the social and environmental impact of fashion, and in particular the related problems, such as environmental damage and the working conditions of employees. These two issues could have a negative effect on the welfare of future generations. The emphasis of our research is on the volume of clothing produced, production growth and the creative activities that could be developed to address the issues mentioned previously.

Fashion Research & Technology is one of the eight research groups that together form CREATE-IT Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS).

Published by  CREATE-IT Applied Research 25 November 2019