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The 2020 Virtual Residency in Virtual Fashion

Troy Nachtigall, new professor of the Fashion Research & Technology group, is excited to announce the creation of The GAP (Generative Algorithmic Parametric) lab and its first residency.

The theme of our residency is “Virtual Fashion for a Virtual Time". The residency is set to take the fall and winter of 2020. Running from mid-october to mid-january, the residency seeks designers, researchers and artists on the cutting edge of computational design, data-enabled simulation, iterative personaliztion, and ultra-personalized product service systems. Skills in parametric digital modeling, computational fabrication and/or generative art are encouraged in this residency. The three month residency will enable the resident to virtually collaborate with researchers and faculty at Amsterdam University of Applied Science to create an inspiring fashion project.

The resident is invited to engage in ongoing research of the Faculty of Media Arts and Creative Industries. We encourage the resident to create a project that will inspire current and future research at the GAP lab. The resident is expected to submit the project to an international design competition such as Ars Electronica. We encourage the resident to engage with the faculty, university and city during the residency, albeit virtually. After the completion of the Residency, an exit research interview and webinar will be conducted.

Stipend, Facilities and Materials

The resident will be required to connect with the Fashion Research & Technology group virtually on their own hardware but will have access to the software and virtual resources of the GAP lab. The resident is expected to engage in the residency project at least 32 hours per week. The residency includes a 3300€ honorarium (1100€ monthly), a 1200€ materials budget and a 2000€ travel/conference fund for eventual exhibitions.


We encourage international designers, researchers and artists to apply. As the residency is virtual the candidate must have their own computer and internet connection. You must be 18 or older and capable/willing to travel internationally for eventual exhibition/publication of the project.


Applicants are encouraged to submit an artist/research statement, CV, website, and examples of work by September 20, 2020 by 23:59 CEST using the webform: https://forms.gle/EZG2k8uLdSr4ZpYc7. Application will be reviewed and short online interviews with potential candidates will take place with a final decision September 25, 2020. The residency begins on October 12 and runs through Jan 15. All question should be sent to fashion.research@hva.nl. Special thanks to the Unstable Design Lab for inspiring this residency.

photo credit for Iris van Wees

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