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On this page you find the frequently asked questions on the course offerings and the course registration process.

In the lists under 'Want to compose your own studyplan' you find the majors or minors which can be taken as a whole but from which also individual courses can be chosen. It is not possible to choose individual modules from the Dutch stream study programmes (CE, HRM, Sportmarketing).

We strongly advise to select a fixed 30 ECTS minor programme if you are allowed to take it.

If you need to select subjects from different subject area's it is best to select courses thematically as much as possible. This will help to prevent exam clashes and other scheduling issues.

You will receive instructions on the course registration procedure by e-mail. Your course selection (first choice study plan and back up plan) should be entered in the Students Come and Go portal.

The Students Come and Go portal is a tool for submitting your course preferences.

We will do our best to compose a course schedule of your first choice and back up submitted courses. Please note that we cannot guarantee your first choice due to potential timetable conflicts.

Note that some of you will be partially placed for their first choice modules in combination with back up modules due to limited places available and potential timetable conflicts. We even might ask you to submit new choices if we are not able to complete your course schedule from the submitted courses.

We will do our best but also request flexibility from your side when selecting courses.

  • A specialisation track offers students the opportunity to choose a specific area of specialisation in a certain field.
  • You will prevent exam clashes and other scheduling issues.
  • Students that choose a 30 ECTS minor (English speaking) program from the Dutch streams will experience more personal contact with teachers and with the group as it is one fixed group.

It might be possible that you will receive your course schedule two weeks before the semester starts. We do strive to send it you earlier. Students receive individual confirmations, so don’t be alarmed if one of your peers is contacted before you.

You will receive instructions to check your official course registrations in the Student Information System (SIS).

You can check the course schedule and room numbers in (to set up your timetable and to find the room numbers) of your course selection.

Send your learning agreement in Word format after you received your personal course schedule from us.

If you need our signature at an earlier stage from your Erasmus coordinator please send it after you submitted your courses in the system.

Our learning agreement details can be found if you click on read more.

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The needed literature can be found in the course description. When in doubt you can check the most recent needed literature with your lecturer.

You can ask the Study Store also for the most updated and needed edition of your course selection.

The website of the studystore is

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 5 March 2020