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Welcome to the webpage of the International Office for International students of Information Technology and Computer Science. This page contains information for new exchange students after they have been accepted by us.

Our year is divided into two semesters, each divided into two terms.


Can be found in your Studentscomeandgo account.

Teaching hours

1 08.30 - 09.20 hours
2 09.20 - 10.10 hours
break -----
3 10.20 -11.10 hours
4 11.10 - 12.00 hours
5 12.00 - 12.50 hours
6 12.50 - 13.40 hours
7 13.40 - 14.30 hours
8 14.30 - 15.20 hours
9 15.20 - 16.10 hours
10 16.10 - 17.00 hours
11 17.50 - 18.40 hours

semester 1:

ISN (International Student Network

will be published later Introduction meeting Computer Science and Information Technology
6 September 2021

Start academic semester 1

will be published later

Exam period and project deliveries semester 1

You have to be present in this period!

will be published later

End day of the housing contract semester 1 2021-2022

7 February 2022

Start of semester 2

will be published later

end of exams semester 2

Accommodation issues

Accommodation is very scarce in Amsterdam so check your email on housing related emails daily!

You have to arrive on a weekday in order to be able to pick up your room key and sign your contract. You need to do pick up the contract in person. If you arrive in the weekend or outside office hours, you need to book a hostel. We recommend Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg.

Any further questions on housing can be sent to: Ms Monique Roering, email address:

Student Card

The international office will supply you with a student card on arrival at the department of Computer Science Check the procedure here.

Registering with the municipality. Procedure for registration with the municipality can be found under practical matters.

Opening a bank account

You can do this during the pick up days. A representative of the bank will be present at the arrival day. Bring the necessary documents:

  • to open a Dutch bank account (you need a proof of registration of the HvA, your passport and a copy of your passport)


Public transport in Amsterdam is quite expensive. There are no special rates for exchange students. We strongly recommend you to buy a secondhand bike on arrival. Please check and

Arriving at Schiphol Airport/ public transport

If you arrive on a day on which there is no pick up (see above) you can take a train from the airport to the city centre: Centraal Station. Buses, trams, and metro trains leave from Amsterdam Central Station to other parts of the city.

Medical insurance

It is compulsory that you arrange your own medical insurance. It is the responsibily of the student!!!

More practical matters

Check out this link.

Health and welfare

Student doctor

Students of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) are all entitled to make use of the services of the Student Doctors, who have specific knowledge of student life.

The Student Doctors provide these services in collaboration with the Oude Turfmarkt GPs. There is no ‘district limit' in place for students: you can use the services of the Student Doctors regardless of where you live in Amsterdam.

Address and contact information

Oude Turfmarkt General Practitioners/ Student Doctors' Office
Oude Turfmarkt 151 1012 GC Amsterdam
T: 020 525 2878 info making an appointment

Emergencies during office hours: 020 525 2889

Emergencies outside of office hours and on the weekend: 088 00 30 600. You will be referred to the doctor on duty. Mind you that it is expensive to see a doctor outside the office hours: around € 100. You can claim this back from your own insurance

Mind you that the Dutch emergency number is 112. You should only call this number in true emergencies : police, fire brigade, ambulance.​

Student psychologists

Students studying at the AUAS who experience psychological problems can get help from the Student Psychologists' Office.

Healthcare insurance in the Netherlands

Please find information about Healthcare insurance in the Netherlands on the website Zorgwijzer.

Exams: enrollment

You will be autimatically enrolled for any exams

Exams: dates and times 2021-2022

Will be published later

email address exams department ICT:

For those students that receive the following documents from the Gemeente Amsterdam (Local Council)


  • Gecombineerde aanslag (pollution tax, attachment A)
  • Waterschapsbelasting (water tax, attachment B)

Local taxes are not included in your rent. You will be responsible for paying these taxes, which the local authorities impose on all residents. There are two types of taxes: Gecombineerde aanslag (pollution tax, A) and waterschapsbelasting (water tax, B). Please note that the registered tenant (you!) is responsible to settle the imposed Local Council Tax.

Avoiding tax payment

What do you do? Don’t pay immediately. You might not have to pay for these taxes depending on your financial situation.

Please fill in the form you received called Verzoek om kwijtschelding (request for exemption). See example (attachment C) to help you fill in your own Verzoek om kwijtschelding.

If you receive the tax document from the Waterschap (Waternet, B) as well, do not forget to make a note of this in the top left hand corner of the form called Verzoek om kwijtschelding (C). Include all the Dutch tax documents (A, B and C) that were sent to you. Send the forms and the copies of your last month bank statements to this address:

Gemeente Amsterdam, belastingen

Antwoordnummer 377

1100 VC Amsterdam

No stamp is needed.

The Gemeente Amsterdam (the Local Council) can help you with this matter. Call +31 (0)20 255 4800 / +31 (0)20-6241111 during office hours and explain you would like to apply for exemption for the tax payments.

If you live at the Rode Kruislaan in Diemen please call the office Gemeentelijke belastingen (Municipality taxes) Amsterdam Amstelland at +31 (0)20 5404886.

Whether or not exemption is granted depends on your financial situation. If you do not appeal, nor pay the taxes, the Gemeente Amsterdam (the Local Council) will send a reminder with a fine to your home address after your return.

More information

Contact details

Location Wibauthuis 5th floor

Practical matters

Academic matters

Janet Hofstra

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