Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

How to get here

If you plan on visiting multiple degree programmes please be aware that some of our buildings and campuses are located on opposite sides of the city. Keep this in mind when you’re planning your day and remember to double check the exact location(s).  

AUAS buildings are easily accessible via public transportation. Parking spots are not available, with the exception of a limited number of disability parking spots at the following locations: Dr. Meurer building, Leeuwenburg and Nicolaes Tulp building.

If you have to come by car, it’s best to use the Park and Ride facilities (Transferium Amsterdam, or P&R) at the outskirts of the city and to take public transportation from there. Please see for more information. You can also park (at a discounted rate) at the Q-Park Oostpoort.

Please note: Due to construction work at the Conrad building the entrance to the  Kohnstammhof via the Rhijnspoorplein is closed off. You can only access the Kohnstammhof (Studio HvA and Theo Thijssen building) via the Kohnstamm building or through the entrance at the Eerste Boerhaavestraat. 

Published by  Communication 2 November 2019

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