Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

AUAS Experience

Your intoduction at AUAS will be quite different from previous years. The AUAS Introduction Festival, which we normally organise on a grand scale at the Wibauthof, has been transformed into an interactive digital magazine: the AUAS Experience. In addition, we celebrate the end of your first month at AUAS with an online party!

AUAS Experience magazine

AUAS has much more to offer than study programmes. So make sure to take a look at the AUAS Experience magazine! In the magazine several AUAS parties, such as the Library, the University Sports Centre (USC) and HvA-Pride introduce themselves in a short introduction video. Some parties have also organised activities or contests, which are open until 1 October 2020. Join in and get a chance of winning amazing prices, such as a HvA Patta sweater, a membership at USC or a blender to make yourself delicious and healthy smoothies!

AUAS Experience magazine will be available throughout the first three months of your study. This will give you enough time to discover what you can do at AUAS, besides studying.

Note: It is possible that due to your browser settings you cannot visit the page directly, please click on ‘accept’ or ‘continue’ and explore the AUAS experience.

Final party: Intro Vibes!

To end the first month of your studies and your introduction period at AUAS in a festive way we organize a final party on Thursday October 1, from 5 pm until 10 pm.


During Intro Vibes you may enjoy relaxing and chill beats for 5 (!) hours. We have the pleasure to announce the first DJ’s already:

  • De Lievelings DJ’s van Je Zusje
  • Daisy
  • Alamaison

What’s more? That’s still a surprise. We do have a hint for you: keep an eye on AUAS’ Instagram page in the meanwhile!

Join in

The livestream is available on Thursday October 1 from 5 pm until 10 pm. Joining in is easy:

  1. Create a cozy environment. (Watch alone or get someone to join you, share the link with friends of family and enjoy amazing DJ’s from your own home!)
  2. Make sure your laptop/tablet is fully loaded
  3. Grab yourself something to drink and/or eat
  4. Open up the livestream and dance!
Published by  Communication 18 September 2020