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FAQ for international students

Last update: 30-6-2020 12:00

Due to the corona measures the start of your studies this September will differ from the usual situation. We understand that you have plenty of questions about this. We are working hard to help you get off to a good start at the AUAS. This page has the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Please note that this FAQ site is for international students. Dutch students can view the FAQs on the Dutch website

Start of the academic year & introduction

The degree programmes are looking into alternatives for their introduction programmes, which will be organised during the week of 24 – 28 August.  View the start study page for your programme to see the latest information about introduction week.   

Yes. Education at AUAS will start on Monday 31 August 2020. Due t to the coronavirus measures it’s going to be different this year. You’ll be informed by your programme about this as soon as possible. Introduction week will be held from 24-28 August. Please also see the FAQs under ‘Admission’ concerning international students traveling to the Netherlands for their studies.  

The AUAS - like all other universities of applied sciences - adheres to the government’s corona measures and the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. At the moment – July – very little on-campus education is possible in AUAS buildings. Most education is now online. We hope - and expect - that more will be possible at the start of the new academic year. But we will have to wait and see whether that really is the case.

At the start of the new academic year, we will be able to make limited use of our buildings; everyone has to take into account keeping 1.5 metres of distance from one another. This entails major restrictions including at the entrances to our buildings, in the lifts and stairwells, in the classrooms, and so on. We make sure that we use the limited space available for educational activities that can only take place on location. The rest will be organised online. We will prioritise our first-year students when it comes to making decisions about access to the (very limited) on-campus education that is available.

In the beginning, count on a lot of online education and occasionally studying on campus or meeting your work group in person. Hopefully we will be able to offer more face-to-face classes later on. In any case, we will make sure that you feel welcome from the start, that you can find your way around and that you receive good guidance within your programme at the AUAS. We are excited for you to come study at the AUAS and want to help you as much as possible.

You will receive more information on how your education will take place before the start of your programme.

We realise that it is difficult for first-year students to start their studies at this time. We are currently looking into what we can do to offer you extra support. As soon as we know more, this information will be available on the Start your studies page.

You can sign up for a phone call with one of our study choice coaches. Sign up here. Visit our programme pages for information, videos and more.


Incoming degree-seeking students (Bachelor’s and Master’s) can start at the AUAS under certain conditions in the first semester of 2020-2021. The countries of origin must be colour-coded either green or yellow (permitting international travel to the Netherlands) and the student must be fully admissible. A number of rules also apply regarding security, legality and the safeguarding of risks concerning the student’s visa application, insurance and accommodation in Amsterdam. 
In the event that degree-seeking students are unable to travel to the Netherlands, or if on-campus education is not possible, the degree programme will arrange alternative education. Please contact your programme to discuss your specific situation.


If you are not in the midst of a study visa procedure then you need to have your diploma by 1 September 2020.

The subject tests for the 21+ entrance examination were held on 9 May, via an alternative assessment method. It’s no longer possible to take a 21+ exam for students starting in the 2020-2021 academic year. Click here for more information. 

Due to measures related to COVID-19, language test centers are closed. International students requiring an English language test may therefore not be able to complete it in time. To make sure that these students can successfully enrol in their education programmes, we will temporarily accept online variants of existing tests (which are mentioned in the code of conduct for international students). The national committee of the code of conduct for international students is currently creating guidelines for this. In addition, possibilities are currently being explored concerning  online assessment of prospective students by language centers of higher education institutions. Please note that university language centers are not allowed to test students who have registered for programmes at their institutions.

Incoming AUAS students have until 1 January 2020 to pass their NT2 State Examination and can also write an alternative Dutch language test in the meantime. – If you do not pass the NT2 Exam before 1 January 2021 you will have to stop your studies
The NT2 State Examinations will start up again in the summer and students can register for new exam appointments then. However, because it’s not ideal to start your studies at the same time as taking the NT2 exam, the AUAS is offering an alternative exam for prospective students. These tests will be organised before the summer, prior to the new academic year. This way students are fully admissible to  start their studies in September at AUAS. More information about the dates and registration will be available soon. 
Please note: this alternative text is only for incoming AUAS students. 

For more information about the NT2 State Examinations you can visit:


International programmes tend to have early deadlines and special procedures – for many of our English-taught programmes the deadline has passed for international students. It’s not possible to enrol at AUAS after 1 June if you’ve never studied in higher education before.

There are three exceptions:

1.           If you enrolled in a programme (at the AUAS or another higher education institution) before 1 June, but want to switch to another study after that date, you may still enrol for that other programme after 1 June. Do this before 15 August. Depending on when you enrol, you will participate in the mandatory study check for that programme in June/July or August.

2.           If you are already enrolled in higher education in the current academic year (at the AUAS or another higher education institution), you may still enrol in Studielink after 1 June. Do this before 15 August. Depending on when you enrol, you will participate in the mandatory study check for that programme in June/July or August.

3.           For part-time programmes, such as International Business (part-time), you should preferably also enrol before 1 June, but this is still possible until 31 August. Depending on when you enrol, you will participate in the study check/intake in June/July or August. A detailed description of the rules concerning admission law and the study check are available in the AUAS Student Charter.

Study check

Yes, it is mandatory for full-time programmes and will take place online.

The AUAS considers it important that you can double check whether you’ve made a choice that really suits you. The study check therefore remains a mandatory part of your enrolment, even during the corona crisis. The study check is offered online due to the corona measures. You will therefore need a computer with an internet connection. More information is available here (find your programme in the list).


After submitting your enrolment request via Studielink you’ll receive more information about the virtual study check. Please note: it’s important to check your spam folder / junk mail. It might end up there! You can select an (approximate) date that suits you for the study check. More information is available here (find your programme in the list).

The study check will go ahead and will take place online due to the corona measures.

You’ll receive an email with practical information concerning this prior to the date you chose. More information is available here (find your programme in the list).



Yes, the visa procedure can be started in advance, provided we have received your details from the central student administration. However, we can only actually send your visa application to the IND once your immigration file is complete (before our deadline) and once you are fully admitted to the course. See for general information and also visit the coronavirus information immigration page to stay up to date on the latest issues regarding immigration and the coronavirus.


If you are an international student and would like the AUAS to arrange housing for you, we strongly advise you not to wait until your admission is approved. The admission process takes a long time and runs alongside the housing process. The AUAS housing booking process started on 8 June and we work on a first come, first served basis. The longer you wait, the lower your chance of securing a room. This means that you might have to invest in the AUAS housing fee and take the risk of not getting accepted to the programme. See our housing website for information on the procedure and to find out if you are eligible for AUAS housing.

If you would like to arrange housing on your own, we recommend that you start looking on the private market as soon as possible. You can find some recommendations on our website.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Student Information Office

  • WhatsApp: + 31 6 2853 35 46 (Monday to Friday/business days 10:00-16:30)
  • Telephone: +31 20 595 1405 (Monday to Friday/business days 09:30-13:30)
  • Email:

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