Philip Jan Kluewer


“My experience was really good, because from first moment it was really interactive. The pace was quite high, with few breaks. I had to prepare a lot in advance, which was good, I think. It ensured that there was a lot of commitment from the start. I studied with a small group of people who were selected for this study and who were highly motivated. I felt like I was in the right place.”

This study brought me a better understanding of the technical side. It brings tech and business together. And that’s very valuable.

Philip Jan Kluewer - Alumnus Digital Driven Business - Digital Strategy Consultant at, part of IBM iX

What is your previous education?

“I have done a Bachelor in International Business in The Hague and before that went to high school in Germany.”

Did Digital Driven Business meet your expectations (and why)?

“In the beginning I was not sure what to expect. But I wanted to be more tech savvy and in that sense, yes, it did meet my expectations. I learned something that I always wanted to learn.”

Why did you choose Digital Driven Business? What attracted you to the programme?

“I was applying for jobs. I didn't want to study anymore. Before I started my bachelor's degree in The Hague, I already worked at a company and I missed that. But during covid it was difficult to find work. Then this opportunity came along.”

What did you find interesting about this programme? What is challenging according to you?

“The programming part was my biggest challenge. For example, we had to build complex AI models. Without someone in the group with technical knowledge it would have been very difficult. It was also a challenge to work together online. Working online eliminates team building. It's just more fun to work together physically. It was a really great programme.”

What has the programme brought you?

“This study brought me a better understanding of the technical side. It brings tech and business together. And that’s very valuable. “My boss often says: please give me more people like you.”

How do you apply the skills and knowledge you have gained in your current job?

My current job is exactly what the study is about: bringing business and data together. I now better understand the advantage of data in business. With this master you do not become a specialist, but more of a bridge builder. It is precisely this connection between tech and business that makes you attractive in the market.”

What are your plans career-wise?

“I've only been working here for half a year now. For now, I'm in this role. I'm not really thinking about the next step yet. There is so much to learn and so much experience to gain. I am now in retail, there are so many industries to discover. And of course I want to keep up with the trends in technology.”