Adam (20), first-year student at Sport Studies – track ISMB, has quite an international background. He is originally from the Czech Republic, studied middle school in Beijing for five years and eventually graduated in Berlin.

The facilities and the campus are incredible, the school offers amazing sport halls and great teachers as well

Adam: student - Sport Studies

Why did you choose Sport Studies?

‘I chose Sport Studies for many different reasons. First because I knew that the theoretical and practical classes are balanced throughout the study. Secondly because of the international people who were applying as well; the international community is the best I have ever seen in this school. The environment and the people here really treat you like a family and the teachers do too. I also chose the programme because of the combination of sports and business.’

How did you experience the introduction day?

‘Because of the circumstances and corona, we only had one introduction day instead of an introduction week. The experience was still incredible and super fun during the whole day. We had many amazing activities and games throughout the whole day. But still it was really unfortunate that we could not have a full introduction week.’

How do like Sport Studies so far?

‘I really like everything about the programme so far, there is not one single thing I hate. The only thing that gets on my nerves sometimes is the unpredictable Dutch weather. The facilities and the campus are incredible, the school offers amazing sport halls and great teachers as well. If you are looking to study sport and want to have the best time of your life while doing so, then choose Sport Studies.

What do you think of the programme despite of the covid measures?

‘The programme is still amazing and fun, despite of all the covid measures. The faculty and staff are always trying to work out on what is the best. They try and make sure that we have the least number of classes online and have them in school as much as possible. All we can do is deal with the situation and wait until everything goes back to normal.’

How do you experience the Netherlands?

‘I absolutely love the Dutch people and Amsterdam; it is one hell of an amazing city. It is one of the best cities for international students to study in. The Dutch people are very friendly, and they really accept all the internationals and treat them well.’

Do already have dreams about what you want to do after graduation?

‘My plan after graduation is to take a 3-week grad-trip with the boys from my class to a tropical country and just enjoy life to the maximum together.'