Cécil was born in the southern part of Germany, called the Black Forest. Before she started Sport Studies – track ISMB, she took 2 gap years in which she kept herself quite busy. After two internships, learning Spanish and backpacking across the States, Canada and Mexico she was ready for the next step: starting her student life here in Amsterdam.

The combination of the theoretical and practical lessons makes the programme unique

Cécil: Student - Sport Studies

Why did you take 2 gap years?

'I wanted to learn how to work and I wanted to get more connections into the world of sports. Therefore I did one internship in sports medicine and one for the German Southern Football Association. Both were amazing experiences. During the time between the internships, I got my coaching license for football and I travelled a lot, which made me feel more confident and responsible for the ‘real life’. I backpacked through the United States, Canada and Mexico. Additionally, I visited my grandparents in Spain to improve my Spanish and I spent 3 months in Australia to do the IELTS Test.'

Why did you choose Sport Studies – track ISMB?

'Honestly speaking, since I was thinking about my upcoming future, I was sure I wanted to study sports. I applied for several universities all over Europe to get opportunities to choose from, but after the selection day and a weekend in Amsterdam, I was sure I want to start my studies at the AUAS. It is not only the passion for sports, which are implemented in the first years a lot during the practical lessons. It is more the international vibe. Students are coming from all over the world which makes the atmosphere unique and special. Additionally, the possibilities to go abroad for internships and the minor is a great way to travel the world and gain more international experience, as well as to get a variety of connections with interesting people.'

How do you like Sport Studies – track ISMB so far?

'I am living my dream studying here. Overall speaking everything goes well so far and I’m enjoying the study programme. Of course, there are some subjects which are more challenging but that’s the reason why I go to class every day with a smile on my face. I also enjoy the mix of the theoretical lessons, having a break in between where you can recharge your energy level in a practical sports lesson and then sit down again for another theoretical lecture. The combination of the theoretical and practical lessons makes the programme unique.'

What about the campus?

'The campus itself has a super chill and familiar atmosphere, which makes you feel comfortable and welcome to go there every day. Furthermore, I really appreciate that most of the sport facilities are on one campus, which makes it easy to go from a theoretical class to a practical class. As I mentioned before, the atmosphere at the campus is very familiar, which also relates to all lectures and teachers. This makes you feel special as a student, because most of them know you by name and know who you are.'

How do you like living in Amsterdam?

'Since day one, I feel super comfy living in Amsterdam. The city provides everything you wish for and has a special vibe with all the canals and multi-cultural people. Moreover, Dutch people are very open-minded and helpful, even if you don’t speak a single word of Dutch. However, biking is an experience itself, which I was not used to before. Just keep in mind always take a rain jacket with you when you go biking, because the Dutch weather can change in a second.'

What about your future?

'My plan is to implement my knowledge in the world of football and combine this within the sports business. Therefore, my dream is to work one day for a football organisation like the FIFA and show the world that women can also achieve a high position in a "men' sport" ;-) However, this is still a long time ahead. Before I start my career, I’m planning to get a master’s degree in order to get more in-depth knowledge in a certain area. But for now, I just want to enjoy my time here in Amsterdam and get the most out of my studies.'