First-year student India grew up in Bristol (UK), but also lived in other countries such as Sweden and Poland. Before she started Sport Studies - track ISMB in Amsterdam she took a gap year. She had various jobs to raise money for a ski season in the French Alps and for travelling to South-east Asia, Indonesia and Chile for five months.

The international vibe creates a very charismatic atmosphere on campus.

1st year - Sport Studies-track ISMB

Why Sport Studies – track ISMB?

"It attracted me for the most obvious aspect, my love for sports. But also the travelling part. The study programme includes three separate internships and a minor; all of which have the potential to take you abroad. The international vibe creates a very charismatic atmosphere on campus. As a consequence I have met loads of really cool and interesting people from various backgrounds. Many of whom are close friends now."

What about your sport skills?

"I used to be a competitive cross-country runner. However, as I got a bit older I have joined a gym and regularly attend yoga classes and run on weekends. I am currently not part of a sports team, but I am looking into football and volleyball clubs."

How did you experience the introduction week here?

"I absolutely loved the intro-week. I had heard stories about previous years and it was everything and more than I expected. The activities force you to get to know one another quickly and form friendships with all sorts of characters from day one. There’s no room to judge or be judged as everyone is in the same boat and a lot of it is trying to get you out of your comfort zone in a fun way. This made it really easy to form strong bonds quickly."

Best memory of the intro-week?

"The whole time was good fun with lots of laughing, but I think the best activity was the gala night. Getting all dressed up and being paired up with someone to get to know over dinner and wine. Then everyone going into the sports hall to learn salsa with their date."

Gala night

How is the campus vibe?

"The relationship between students is fun and strong. The year is split into two classes, so it can limit interaction during uni hours. However, I spend a lot of free time mingling with both classes very easily. The general vibe in class between lecturers and students is casual and relaxed. There is a good balance of banter and formality. Some classes you’re not allowed to check your phone, others you are encouraged to use them in tests via Socrative etcetera."

How do you like Amsterdam?

"I fell in love with Amsterdam instantly. The city is the perfect mix of lively and exciting, but also not too intimidating or built up. For me it feels like a big village, everyone is super friendly and international. When the sun shines it transforms into a happy buzz of people in the parks. No matter the weather you cycle everywhere and get used to it quickly. That’s usually fine since everyone lives fairly close by."

Any tips for new students?

"If you start your days early, there is no problem balancing study time, social life, sports and work. So time management is really important. One you get that right, you have the freedom to fit everything into your schedule."