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Graduating at the +FinanceLab

You conduct your research for the most part within one of the companies we work with, but are guided by the researchers from the +FinanceLab. Your research results will lead to a thorough advice for the company your graduating at. In addition, the results are used in more, larger research projects with other companies.

Research Team

One day a week you will be present at the + FinanceLab at the Fraijlemaborg. You will work with other students and the teacher-counselors on your research. You'll form a research team with them, so that you can place your research data in a bigger picture.


At the + FinanceLab, workshops are given about research, how to set up your graduation products, work on your writing skills, and how to give a good presentation. So there is plenty of guidance to make your final project a succes!

No thesis

The graduation product that you deliver at the +FinanceLab is different to that of a regular thesis assignment. Where most people graduate with a thesis, you graduate at the + FinanceLab with a number of professional products to be delivered separately. (This only applies to Business & Economics students for the time being.) First of all, you create a so-called CAT; that is a schematic summary of your literature research. CAT stands for Critical Appraisal or Topics. This contains the purpose of your research, your research question and a schematic overview of your literature research. You also make a model; This will often be an advanced Excel file in which your research data is presented and shows quick results. A model in Visio or any other relevant application is also possible.


You describe your research results in an article. The article has the form and structure of an article from a journal (think of Monthly magazine for Business Economics and Accountancy - MAB). Finally, you write a reflection report of your learning experiences during graduation.

Here you can find research projects that are carried out within the + FinanceLab. Are you interested in graduating here and don't see a project of your choice? Then it might be interesting to contact us anyway. There is always room for an innovative project in the field of finance and accounting.

Gepubliceerd door  Centre for Applied Research Economics and Management 28 februari 2018