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Inclusive Communication: less talk, more action


No two students are the same. We’re all different in terms of gender, age, sexual orientation, origin, impairments, talents, and so on! The AUAS wants to be a university of applied sciences where everyone feels seen and appreciated, so why is our communication often directed at a specific, homogeneous group? During the session called ‘Less talk, more action’ we will be speaking with students, staff and experts about why things go wrong when it comes to inclusive communication and, more particularly, how it actually should be done.

This live event will be broadcasted in Dutch on the 25th of march and will be subtitled in English afterwards, so that you can be included as well! Organised with the programme Diversity and Inclusion HvA.

Communication all too often addresses a specific normative group. That's why inclusive communication, which gives everyone the feeling that they are seen and understood, is of vital importance. If people cannot identify with what they read and see, this can make them feel excluded. This can reinforce unconscious as well as conscious bias and even contribute to polarisation. How, then, can we as AUAS ensure that our communication makes everyone feel recognised and acknowledged?

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Published by  Floor 30 March 2021


Start date 07 Apr