Getting started

Study skills

You will soon be starting your studies and it might take some getting used to. That’s precisely why it’s important to get started right away. Well begun is half done, as they say.

To get your studies off to a good start, these things are very important:

  1. Knowing how to study efficiently
  2. Having sufficient language skills (and we’re not just talking about spelling!)
  3. Good maths skills

We will help you a little in these areas, so you can soon get your studies off to the best possible start.

On Student Info you can find tools, tips and tricks to start your study without any problems. Once you have your AUAS ID, you can log in to the website.

N.B.: If you cannot log in with your AUAS email address, consult Enrollment to find out how to activate your AUAS ID (step 4) and who to contact with any questions.

Published by  Student Affairs 5 April 2024