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Climate Imaginaries at Society 5.0 Festival

Visual Methodologies facilitates workshop on Speculative Landscaping


On 12 and 13 October the Visual Methodologies Collective will be facilitating a workshop on speculative landscaping with archival materials at the Society 5.0 Festival. The festival which is to be held at the Student Hotel in Amsterdam boasts an exciting program of content, discussion and creation with a variety of international speakers, master classes and workshops.

During the Visual Methodologies workshop participants will be invited to an exercise of speculative landscaping on possible views of the Netherlands in 2070. Starting from still images taken from videos in the Sound and Vision archive, participants will be invited to complete the landscape by thinking of what could be happening in future scenarios. Starting from hand-drawn sketches, participants will give them new life by experimenting with the latest features of DALL-E 2, a text-to-image AI model.

Short films, documentaries and news reports show us how water in its various forms is recorded in the collective memory of the Netherlands, and to which other ideas and values it has been associated since by the public gaze of the Dutch media. Looking back at how nature, the water and the climate was recorded in history could be a way to recognize common themes and thus rework them in new, more personal narratives. What does recontextualising images from the past into scenarios of the future do to our imagination? Can this exercise be of aid in the much needed search for new climate imaginaries?

4 October 2022


Start date 12 Oct
End date 13 Oct


The Student Hotel

Wibautstraat 129

1091 GL Amsterdam