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Special research group established in collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam

The special Cyber ​​Security professorship is part of the new core lecture Responsible IT, a partnership between HvA and the Municipality of Amsterdam. The research group will conduct practical research into the responsible development of digital technology, with an eye for social values ​​and the human dimension.

Within the Cyber ​​Security professorship, the focus will be on digital security. Because this field is very fluid, the collaboration between HvA and Qbit contributes to practical research and refreshing the educational content. As of 1 September 2020, the Executive Board of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam has appointed Pieter Meulenhoff as special lecturer in Cyber ​​Security. Meulenhoff works at Qbit Cyber ​​Security and will be released one day a week for his work at the HvA.

Specialist in the quality of ICT

Meulenhoff specializes in the quality of ICT across a broad spectrum: from embedded systems, data centers to application software. Among other things, he initiated a major international anti-SPAM project for ISPs, led an international investigation into the capabilities of Deep Packet Inspection, and regularly acts as an expert in ICT litigation. He worked for TNO for many years. Meulenhoff has the talent to see through complex matter and to explain it in an understandable way.

Meulenhoff obtained her doctorate from the University of Groningen in 1999. During his doctoral research, Pieter was one of the developers of GROMACS, still one of the leading and fastest software packages for chemical simulations. After his PhD, and for Qbit, Pieter worked at KPN Research and TNO as a researcher into the quality of ICT with specific topics of performance, robustness and security.

20 October 2021