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Tailored interactive technology for a healthy lifestyle


During the persuasive technology symposium, Marije Deutekom - Baart de la Faille and colleagues organised a symposium session with 4 presentations: • Presentation 1: A home based exercise program: are older adults able to use mHealth technology? (Sumit Mehra). • Presentation 2: Promoting healthy diet and physical activity in children through the use of games: bridging the gap between industry and science (Monique Simons). • Presentation 3: Increased motivation for exercise through exercise apps such as BAMBEA (Joey van der Bie & Nicky Nibbeling) • Presentation 4: Which factors are important for effectiveness of sport- and health-related apps? Results of focus groups with experts (Joan Dallinga).

Reference Dallinga, J., Mehra, S., van der Bie, J., Nibbeling, N., Simons, M., & Deutekom-Baart de la Faille, M. (2017). Tailored interactive technology for a healthy lifestyle. Paper presented at Persuasive Technology Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 7 April 2017

Publication date

Apr 2017


Joan Dallinga
Sumit Mehra
Monique Simons
Marije Deutekom-Baart de la Faille


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