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Minerals and Sarcopenia in Older Adults: An Updated Systematic Review


This systematic review aims to reevaluate the role of minerals on muscle mass, muscle strength, physical performance, and the prevalence of sarcopenia in community-dwelling and institutionalized older adults. Systematic review. Setting and Participants. In March 2022, a systematic search was performed in PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Sciences using predefined search terms. Original studies on dietary mineral intake or mineral serum blood concentrations on muscle mass, muscle strength, and physical performance or the prevalence of sarcopenia in older adults (average age ≥65 years) were included. Eligibility screening and data extraction was performed by 2 independent reviewers. Quality assessment was performed with the Effective Public Health Practice Project (EPHPP) Quality Assessment Tool for Quantitative Studies. Risk of bias was evaluated using the Risk Of Bias In Non-randomized Studies-of Exposure (ROBINS-E) tool. From the 15,622 identified articles, a total of 45 studies were included in the review, mainly being cross-sectional and observational studies. Moderate quality of evidence showed that selenium (n = 8) and magnesium (n = 7) were significantly associated with muscle mass, strength, and physical performance as well as the prevalence of sarcopenia. For calcium and zinc, no association could be found. For potassium, iron, sodium, and phosphorus, the association with sarcopenic outcomes remains unclear as not enough studies could be included or were nonconclusive (low quality of evidence). Conclusions and Implications. This systematic review shows a potential role for selenium and magnesium on the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia in older adults. More randomized controlled trials are warranted to determine the impact of minerals on sarcopenia in older adults.

Reference van Dronkelaar, C., Fultinga, M., Hummel, M., Kruizenga, H., Weijs, P. J. M., & Tieland, M. (2023). Minerals and Sarcopenia in Older Adults: An Updated Systematic Review. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 24(8), 1163-1172. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jamda.2023.05.017
Published by  Urban Vitality 1 August 2023

Publication date

Aug 2023


Carliene van Dronkelaar
Maaike Fultinga
Mitchell Hummel
Michael Tieland


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