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Old RefWorks (Legacy)

The old RefWorks (Legacy) will be available until at least the end of 2017. Until that moment, this page is where you will find all manuals and documentation for this version, and information about switching to the new version.



If you are a current user of RefWorks and you want to switch to the new version, please take note of this information. The new version had beter functionalities but is not yet fully ready. 

From Autumn 2017, the process will start automatically as soon as you log into the old RefWorks. More information in Dutch

Why wait before switching?

RefWorks is not yet completely finished. New functions are being added and some functions are still being improved. Current issues are:

  • If you are currently working on important papers, please note that in the new RefWorks you cannot continue working on papers that are created with the old version. This problem will be solved in 2017. 
  • 'Save to RefWorks' does not yet work in all browsers and not always optimally with all databases. You may have to use another browser than you are used to.

Why switch now?

Everything you can do with the old RefWorks, you can also do in the new version, but it has become even easier. There are handy new functions, such as: 

  • importing, searching and annotating full-text
  • importing PDFs from your computer and generating references automatically
  • suggestions when importing references manually
  • integration with Google Docs, etc.

How to switch?

RefWorks helps you to switch. If you log into the old RefWorks, there is a link saying: "Move to the New RefWorks..." By following this link you will take all your data, folders and attachments to the new version.

Frequently asked questions

From many large databases, catalogues and Google Scholar, you can export references to RefWorks (almost) automatically. From some smaller databases and other online resources you sometimes have to do it manually. The exact procedure differs per resource. For each AUAS database, there is a brief manual in Dutch.

References that are already in Word can also be exported to RefWorks. Here is the manual in Dutch.

  • Install RefGrabit and try to import them this way. [two manuals in Dutch]
  • Find the article in a resource which does have an export function, for example the AUAS Library‚Äôs CataloguePlus or Google Scholar.
  • Import the reference into RefWorks manually. Download this manual [in Dutch].

With Write-N-Cite you can insert references directly into Word. If you have synchronised Write-N-Cite with RefWorks, you also have offline access to your references.

Installing and synchronising Write-N-Cite - Using Write-N-Cite. [two manuals in Dutch]

You do not use Word? With OneLine/CiteView [manual in Dutch] you can add references from RefWorks to your documents and make reference lists, whatever text processor you use.

There are various ways to collaborate. You can share folders, and you can collaborate on one document [manual in Dutch]. 


Published by  HvA Library 23 May 2018