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AUAS Library

Loans and Renewals

You can borrow all kinds of things from the Library, from books to DVDs. Read all about borrowing from the Library and extending the loan period.

Books, DVDs and print journals

A great deal of information can be found in our databases and on the internet, but for books, DVDs and print journals, the HvA Library is there for you, as well.

What do you need?

Students and staff can borrow books with their Staff or Student ID card. Others can request a library card. Read all about the library card.

How do you borrow?

When and where to collect publications, how to reserve books, how many times the loan period can be extended and when you get a fine: see all the ins and outs of borrowing from the HvA Library.

Not held by HvA?

If the HvA Library does not have the publication you are looking for, you can have it sent to Amsterdam from another library. Read all about borrowing from other libraries.

Keeping books longer?

Did you know that you can borrow a maximum of fifty books at once, that the standard loan period is 28 days and that - if possible - it is automatically extended up to 3 times? An exception applies for some materials though. Read all about renewing loans.

What are the costs?

Keeping books longer costs money. Read all about fees and charges.

Published by  HvA Library 12 November 2019