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An Interactive Course to Finding Information

The online course Searchlight teaches you smart and effective ways to find information for your research. The course is offered on beginners and advanced level. You can also find a separate APA module that covers everything from references, citations, paraphrasing, and bibliographies according to the APA method.

See the schedule to find out which course is suitable for you:





Searchlight Basic

First-year students

Teaches students to effectively find information. Covers subjects such as thinking up search terms, using internet sources and databases, and evaluating the quality of information.


1 hour

Searchlight Adanced

Second-year students or higher

Covers subjects such as formulating key questions, subsidiary questions, finding relevant information for your particular research, and assessing the quality of scholarly publications.

1 hour

Searchlight APA


Covers subjects such as in-text citations, the difference between citing and paraphrasing, and making a bibliography.

45 minutes

Searchlight Leidraad Everyone

According to the “Leidraad voor juridische auteurs” (Guidelines for legal authors) you learn:

  • how to make a reference to your source in the text itself or in a footnote;
  • the difference between citing and paraphrasing ;
  • when and how to make a reading list.
45 minutes
Published by  HvA Library 21 January 2020