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AUAS Library

UvA services for AUAS students and staff

The AUAS Library and the UvA Library form one organisation. Therefore, various services can be used by people from either organisation.


AUAS students and staff can use all UvA libraries to work and study.

Searching and borrowing

You can use any PC, also the ones in the AUAS, to search UvA CataloguePlus.

AUAS students and staff can borrow for free from the libraries of the University of Amsterdam, using their Student or Staff ID Card.

It is also possible to place requests for books or journals from the UvA Book Depot and have them delivered to the AUAS Library location in your vicinity.

Access to e-journals, e-books and databases of the UvA

AUAS students and staff can use the general access computers in the University Library (Singel 425). From these PCs you have full access to the e-journals, e-books and databases of the UvA libraries. You do not need a library card nor do you have to log in. For legal reasons, access to the digital UvA resources is restricted to UvA PCs.

Access to UvA wireless

AUAS students and staff with a laptop, tablet or smartphone can use the Eduroam WiFi network within UvA buildings. This does not give full access to the digital library resources, but it does allow you to use the internet. Log in with your AUAS username/password and then indicate the AUAS domain, for example:

  • username: s100
  • passwd: .....
  • domain: hva.nl

If it fails, ask the staff in one of the libraries.

Published by  HvA Library 23 May 2018