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Payment of expenses when publishing in open access journals

18 Apr 2017 08:58 | HvA Library

AUAS stimulates its researchers to make publications available and findable to anyone. The Library is nationally met with appreciation for establishing an Open Access fund, among other things, which in many cases can take care of the financing.

When AUAS researchers publish, they are obliged to do this ‘open access’, so that anyone can learn about the results without any barriers. However, in the traditional world of journal publishers ‘open access’ is not yet the standard. That is why AUAS has recently given a boost to this process by creating an Open Access fund. It is partly for this that the other day the open access team of the AUAS Library was awarded the HBOAward. 

The Open Access fund, established by the Library, can in many cases see to the financing, thanks to agreements with publishers. Read the conditions on the Library website.