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Fine-free return of library books

From 30 October to 12 November

29 Oct 2019 13:56 | HvA Library

Do you have Library books at home with fines? Return them at one of our Library service desks during our 'Fine Forgiveness Weeks'. Your fines will be waived up to €50.

It is important that books with fines are returned at a library service desk and not at a self-check machine. The library staff will waive the fines on the spot.

Returned all your books but still open fines on your account? Or do you have any fines higher than € 50? We can look at your specific situation. Send an e-mail to bkr-ub@uva.nl, stating your name and (student) card number.

Books overdue, but no fines?

The Library has switched to a new system. From November 13 you will receive a first reminder to return your borrowed items. Only from the second reminder onwards a fine is charged.

Check your account in CataloguePlus to see if you have any open fines

Your loans will be automatically renewed

From November 13 and onwards, Books with a lending term of 28 days will be automatically renewed, unless someone else has reserved the book. You are required to return these items after three automatic renewals.

Automatic renewals do not apply to books with lending periods shorter than 28 days. You must renew these books yourself.

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