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What is the impact of research?

Discover it now!

14 May 2020 11:51 | HvA Library

The Library offers a tool that analyses the alternative metrics of publications. This tool, the Altmetric Explorer, enables AUAS researchers to visualise the impact, also known as doorwerking, of their (intended) research.

Researchers at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences are obliged to demonstrate the impact of their research during periodic assessments, but also in grant applications, as a measure of research quality.

Within the AUAS, the Library supports researchers and their research by being a source of information and taking on an advisory role, but also by offering tools and systems that are aimed at facilitating researchers. The Altmetric Explorer is the most recent example.

The Altmetric Explorer enables you to:

  • see where, by whom, when and how often a publication is discussed on the Internet;
  • discover which policy documents (worldwide) refer to publications;
  • get a better understanding of the societal involvement of scientific research;
  • download altmetric data which can be used, for example, in reports needed for a grant application or an evaluation.

Would you like to know more about the impact of research and how to use the Altmetric Explorer? Please consult the webpage on Research Visibility for more information.