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Who’s talking about my publication?

Workshop Altmetric Explorer 2 July 11.00 AM

18 Jun 2020 14:49 | HvA Library

Find out the impact of your publications with an online tool, Altmetric Explorer! The Library recently purchased a license for this tool which helps researchers track the societal and scientific impact of their research. If you would like to learn how to use Altmetric Explorer, you can attend the online workshop on 2 July.

Altmetric Explorer tracks the number of mentions of your research online, in the news, government publications (policy documents), patents, as well as blogs, Facebook and Twitter. These alternative indicators of impact are called altmetrics. It is not just about the numbers, altmetrics is also about what is being said and by whom.

With Altmetric Explorer you can:

  • See where, what, when and how often a publication is discussed on the web (article, dataset, chapter of a book, report, etc.)
  • Identify the most effective channels to promote your research
  • Discover which policy documents (worldwide) refer to your publication(s)
  • Download data that you can use for reports required for things such as grant applications
  • Find out what other researchers are publishing and identify what you might want to promote further
  • Identify who is discussing research by UvA the most in a given field and thus establish strategic partnerships
  • Manage the reputation of your organisation.


Altmetric.com is giving a workshop that teaches you how to use the tool and how to use altmetrics for various purposes. The workshop is suitable for a diverse audience, including researchers, administrators, information specialists, communication specialists and policy makers.

The one-hour online workshop will take place on 2 July at 11:00 am.

To get the most of the workshop, formulate some questions in advance and submit them via the registration form!