AUAS Library

Reminders, fees and fines

Shortly before your loan expires you will receive a request to either renew the loan or return it. If items are overdue you will be fined per item.


From the expiry date onwards we will be sending reminders:

  • 1st reminder: no fine yet
  • 2nd reminder: €1
  • 3rd reminder: €4 (total €5)
  • 4th reminder: €10 (total €15). Your account is blocked. Borrowing or renewing items is no longer possible.
  • Invoice: 4 weeks after the last reminder you receive an invoice for replacement and administrative costs with a minimum of €75.00 per item.

Reminders and other messages will be sent to your AUAS e-mail. Please be sure to check your spamfolder as well.

Paying fines

The fines are per item and accrue: after 28 days you have a fine of €15.00 per item. When your fine is €15.00 or more, you can no longer borrow or renew items.

If you return the item, the replacement and administrative costs are cancelled. The fine still has to be paid.

If you do not pay the invoice, a debt-collecting agency will be called in.

Fines can be paid at a library service desk. At the University Library Singel, P.C. Hoofthuis Library and HvA libraries you can only pay with PIN (debit card).

Published by  HvA Library 14 October 2020