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APA Style

The APA Style is a much used way to reference sources. Read more about what APA is, how it works and see the guidelines.

What Is APA?

At most AUAS Faculties the use of the APA Style for referencing sources is obligatory. The APA Style was developed by the American Psychological Association (APA). It is the most important standard for the social sciences.

The APA guidelines

The official publication of the APA Style is in English. Some disciplines have ‘translated’ the guidelines to a style of their own and require the use of this version. Ask your lecturer which you are to use. There is no official Dutch version. See the website of the APA Style .


There is a Dutch manual, made by the Tilburg University.

See also: APA: differences English and Dutch [in Dutch].

Published by  HvA Library 29 June 2020