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Adding references and full text to RefWorks

New version

There are various ways to add references and full text to your RefWorks account (new version).

Save to RefWorks

Save to RefWorks helps you import references from a lot of databases and websites easily into RefWorks, sometimes even the full text. This works well for Picarta, newspaper and news sites, DOAJ,, PubMed, Safari Books Online, etc.

Importing full text does not always work yet. RefWorks, however, always saves the link to the full text, even if full text itself is not saved. Manual.

Direct Export to RefWorks

Many large databases, catalogues and Google Scholar have a Direct Export to RefWorks link or button. Click twice and the reference is exported to your account. AUAS databases which have a Direct Export function are ProQuest and Ebsco databases, Science Direct, Google Scholar, LexisNexis, Scopus and Web of Science.

Databases with other export options

If a database does have an export function, but not a RefWorks option, you can often save and import references in BibTeX or RIS format. Or you could try importing it with Save to RefWorks.

Uploading PDFs

You already have files on your computer? You can easily add these to your RefWorks collection. RefWorks can recognise many publications and then creates references automatically. Manual

Importing references manually

Sometimes there is no other option but to import a reference manually. For many articles and books you only have to enter the title. RefWorks tries to match the data with data elsewhere and makes suggestions. Manual .

Importing references from other reference managers

You have saved references in another reference manager? Those, too, can be easily imported.

Published by  HvA Library 30 November 2020