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RefWorks is a handy tool to create your references and a lot more besides!

From July 2022, the library will no longer offer access to RefWorks. You can still use it until then but make sure that you switch to another tool in time to keep your references. The subject librarians will be happy to guide you through this.


RefWorks is an online tool to easily manage your sources and incorporate them into your paper, saving you lots of time. With RefWorks you can:

  • Import and organize your references
  • Import full text files, also from your own computer
  • Incorporate sources into your MS Word or Google Docs document in accordance with APA or another citation style
  • Share sources and work together


There are several ways to add references and full text to your RefWorks account. Many large databases, catalogues and Google Scholar have a Direct Export to RefWorks function that allows you to export your reference to RefWorks in just a few clicks.

With Save to RefWorks you can import references from many databases and from numerous websites into your RefWorks account in no time.
Do you already have files on your computer? You can easily add them to your RefWorks collection.

More information about RefWorks

You can insert references and the source list directly into your Microsoft Word document with the RefWorks Add-on. There is also an Add-on for Google Docs. If you only want to create a source list you can also do this directly in RefWorks.


Do you work on an HvA computer? Then install Write-N-Cite via the HvA Software Center.
If you use MS Word via the Citrix server or you do not need to install anything, Write-N-Cite is already installed in Word by default.

On your private computer

  • Are you using MS Word 2013 or older (Windows or Mac)? Then install Write-N-Cite from your RefWorks account > Tools.
  • For MS Word 2016 (Windows or Mac), install RefWorks Citation Manager from Microsoft Store in Word.

Unfortunately, in the student versions of Office/Word 365 it is often not possible to install something from Microsoft Store. In that case you can work with Word via, in which iis Write-N-Cite already installed. There is also an Add-on for Google Docs.


Every time you log into RefWorks from MS Word, Word and RefWorks synchronise automatically. If you add references to RefWorks in between, click on Sync My Database in Word to synchronise. In Google Docs the synchronisation happens automatically.

There are different ways to work together when using RefWorks. You can share leaflets with other RefWorks users or with the entire AUAS, or collaborate on a single document.

Any questions? Then contact the information specialist for your programme .

On the RefWorks website you will find manuals in English, help and information about the latest developments. There is also a Refworks YouTube channel.

Published by  HvA Library 13 January 2022