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Tool: RefWorks

Referencing your sources correctly is quite easy with the online tool RefWorks, an online tool which helps you to manage and process all your sources. It minimises having to retype and can save you a lot of time.

Would you like to…

  • spend less time organizing your sources and have more time to write your paper?
  • never again lose your sources?
  • make your reference list in a jiffy in virtually any citation style?

Then use RefWorks to collect your sources, create citations in your paper, and share them with others. In no time you can:

  • save and organise references, also from websites and your own computer;
  • process references with Write-N-Cite directly into Word documents according to the APA or other citation styles;
  • share references and collaborate.

Working with RefWorks

Watch the tutorial:

Two versions

There are currently two versions of RefWorks, the old one (‘Legacy’) and the new one. The old version will be available till at least the end of 2017.
You already have an account in the old version? Then see the information about the old version and about switching to the new version. It’s not possible to create new accounts in the old version.

Creating an account

Go to RefWorks . Use your AUAS email address to create an account. More information.

Adding references and full text

There are various ways to add references and full text to your account. Most of the big databases, catalogues, and Google Scholar provide a Direct Export to RefWorks function. Using this you can export references with one or two clicks into your account.
With Save to RefWorks you can import references from several other databases and websites.
Do you have downloaded PDF articles to your computer? You can add them easily to your collection.

All about adding references

Citing sources in my document

With a RefWorks add-on you can insert citations and reference lists into your Microsoft Word document (WIndows & Mac). There is an add-on for Google Docs as well. It’s also possible to create reference lists with RefWorks directly.

Installing the add-on

There are different add-ons for the different MS Word versions. There is also an add-on for Google docs.
Are you working on an AUAS computer? Then install Write-N-Cite via the Application catalog.
Are you working in Word via the Citrix server? You don’t have to install anything. Write-N-Cite is pre-installed.

On your private computer:

  • Do you use MS Word 2013 or older on Windows or Mac? Install Write-N-Cite from your RefWorks account > Tools
  • For MS Word 2016 (Windows or Mac): install Reference Citation Manager

More information:

Synchronising Write-N-Cite and RefWorks

Each time you log into Write-N-Cite or RefWorks Citation manager, MS Word (Windows or Mac) automatically synchronises with RefWorks. If you add or change references in RefWorks after logging into Write-N-Cite, you can synchronise Word and RefWorks by clicking Sync My Database. If you work with Google Docs, you don't need to synchronise, for it is always done automatically.


There are various ways to collaborate when you use RefWorks. You can share folders with other users, orwith the whole of AUAS, or collaborate on one document.


If this information and the manuals do not help you with your problem, contact your information specialist.
The RefWorks website offers English manuals, support and more information on the newest developments. There is also a RefWorks Youtube channel.

Published by  HvA Library 29 June 2020