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Please note:
You can read the latest information about AUAS buildings and measures regarding coronavirus in the FAQ coronavirus, see 'Buildings and facilities'.


Directions from Duivendrecht Station:

  • Turn to the right by using the stairs
  • After approximately 100 meters, turn right again towards Holterbergweg.
  • Go left at the traffic lights beneath the Utrechtboog
  • At the next traffic lights, turn right
    Please note that the walk from Duivendrecht Station will take approximately 15 minutes

Directions from Station Strandvliet / Arena:

  • Turn to the right by using the stairs
  • You will see Amstelborgh/Borchland at a distance
  • Walk along the training fields and take the walkway to get to parking area P2.
  • You will then see Amstelborgh / Borchland.
    Please note that the walk from Station Strandvliet will take approximately 20 minutes
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Borchlandweg 6-12
1099 CT Amsterdam