AUAS bicycle

An AUAS bicycle is one that you use for the purposes of commuting and for which you apply for reimbursement from AUAS. All staff with an employment contract for either an indefinite period or at least a year can apply for this reimbursement. You cannot combine this with other forms of reimbursement.

Terms and conditions

  • You can apply for reimbursement of an amount up to €1,500 (including VAT) for one bicycle. The bicycle's purchasing price may exceed this amount, but the tax-free reimbursement is limited to €1,500;
  • You can purchase accessories, including chain lock and rainwear, plus repair costs up to €82 (including VAT), yearly;
  • An insurance for an AUAS bicycle is compulsory, for a value of up to €1,500, a 3-year period at most.
  • You can sign up for the AUAS bicycle scheme once every 5 years. To illustrate, if you purchased an AUAS bike in October 2016, then you would have to wait until November 2021 to do so again.
  • There is a 3-year repayment window. What this means is that if you leave within 3 years of signing up for the AUAS bicycle scheme, then you will need to reimburse AUAS for the bike pro rata. The same applies if you opt for a different form of reimbursement for travel expenses in the interim, as you cannot combine the AUAS bicycle scheme with a public transport or mileage reimbursement. If you decide to take a different form of reimbursement for travel expenses within 3 years, then you will have to pay back a proportion of the cost of your AUAS bicycle.

Choice of bicycle

You can purchase the bicycle from your selected supplier. Your supplier must be entered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce.

  • This scheme applies as well to second-hand bicycles electrically assisted pedal cycles or e-bikes, in so far as they have been purchased from a certified supplier entered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Excluded from this scheme are bikes that require a helmet, which are instead regarded as motorised bicycles (up to 25 kph) or mopeds (over 25 kph).

For full terms and conditions, read the Commuting expenses reimbursement scheme.


You can apply for the AUAS bicycle scheme using the AUAS bicycle form (see below) and upload the appendices in this. The appendices are:

1) An invoice stating at least the following details:

  • type, make and frame number;
  • list price and purchasing price (including VAT);
  • supplier's name;
  • supplier's registration number at the Chamber of Commerce;
  • specifications of the bicycle accessories;
  • type and cost of the (compulsory) bicycle insurance.

2) The policy schedule for the bicycle insurance.

You can purchase the bicycle, the compulsory insurance and any additional accessories from your selected supplier. As soon as the AC has received and verified your documents, the reimbursement of the net amount will be arranged.

Application form AUAS bicycle

Published by  Administration Centre 1 January 2022