The AUAS encourages travelling to work by bike and offers staff members various amenities to promote cycling to work.

Bicycle parking

Most AUAS locations have places to park bicycles, either public or for staff only (the latter are enclosed).

Commuting expenses compensation scheme

In the Commuting expenses compensation scheme, two paragraphs are dedicated to purchasing a bicycle, an AUAS bicycle or a tax-break scheme bicycle.

AUAS bicycle

An AUAS bicycle is a bicycle used to travel-to-work which is paid for by the AUAS (up to €1,500). You can find more information and the form under AUAS bicycle.

Tax-break scheme bicycle

If you make use of the tax benefit under the tax-break scheme, the price of purchasing a bicycle is significantly reduced. You can find more information and the form under Tax-break scheme bicycle.

Claiming accessories or repair costs

You can claim up to €82 per calendar year. Please note, this cannot be done in the DSPE, use the form Bicycle scheme (in Dutch) instead.

Bike surveillance

Budget holders can request bike surveillance for an additional fee during events at their own site, such as the start of the study year. More information is available under Bike surveillance.

Published by  Administration Centre 23 April 2021