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You can create your personal homepage in DSPE (web version and mobile app) and drag and drop those items in it that you use most frequently.
In the manual you can read how this works.

Manual DSPE

In the mobile app you can simply arrange the following matters:

  • request leave
  • submit expense claims
  • report illness and recovery
  • change your personal details

To get the app, visit appstore.hva.nl and follow the instructions.

You can initiate the process of hiring a new staff member in DSPE.

The first thing you do is filling in the form Key registration, which you can find on the Personnel tab > Key registration. This will provide the employee with a AUAS ID and allows you to continue the registration. Depending on the type of employment you select PID (AUAS employed personnel) or PNID (personnel not employed by the AUAS).

After you have submitted the details, the HR department can check it and offer advice if necessary. Next, the budget holder will enter the distribution of costs. After approval the new employee will be registered in SAP and you will receive an email confirmation.

Manual Key registration

Manual PID registration

Manual Registration PNID

You can register the date of the annual consultation in DSPE on the Personnel tab >Team > Apply changes > HR consultation cycle. Here you can also upload the signed copy of the consultation.

Manual HR consultation cycle

You can create or change staff positions in DSPE on the Personnel tab > Team > Apply changes. An overview is also available here.

Manual for staff positions

You can grant an allowance to a staff member in DSPE on the Personnel tab > Team > Apply changes for employee > Bonus and allowance. After the request has been checked it will be sent to the p-mandate holder for approval.

Manual bonus or one-off allowance

When there's a task you you will be notified in DSPE. You find the notifications in the upper right corner.

You can enable or disable notifications in DSPE. Go to Settings > Notifications to do so.

Manual Enable or disable notifications

Published by  Administration Centre 20 May 2020