In addition to your salary, there are various reasons for being granted a permanent allowance or a one-off bonus. For example, if you work unsocial hours or temporarily replace another employee who is in a higher salary scale, an allowance may be granted by your supervisor.

Permanent allowance

A permanent allowance is a monthly payment on top of your salary. These allowances include travel-to-work expenses reimbursement, an unsocial hours allowance, a labour market allowance and a temporary substitution bonus.


You may be granted a bonus on your 25 and 40-year employment anniversaries or in recognition of exceptional professional performance.

Internet allowance

Every employee with an employment contract with the AUAS will receive a monthly Internet allowance of 50 euros. Employees who are hired via Jobservice or a temporary employment agency will also receive the Internet allowance. The amount is the same for everyone and does not depend on the size of their employment contract. The Internet allowance has been extended because working from home still applies and it looks like it will continue to do so for the time being.

Published by  Administration Centre 17 March 2023