Ancillary activities

Ancillary activities can contribute to an attractive working environment for you as an employee and can mean an enrichment for education or educational support at AUAS.

AUAS has as its guiding principle that ancillary activities are allowed unless there is a conflict of interest, or if the ancillary activities negatively affect your performance or prejudice the interests of AUAS.

What are ancillary activities?

Ancillary activities are all paid and unpaid activities that you perform for third parties, in addition or in connection to your employment contract with AUAS. They do not include ancillary activities that you perform in a private capacity, such as a board membership of a sports association.

There are two types of ancillary activity.

A. Ancillary activities that you do not perform in connection to your employment with AUAS:

  • paid or unpaid activities;
  • based on an employment contract with a different company or organisation or through your own company;
  • examples: consultancy work with an external organisation, acting as chair or giving a lecture at a congress, or being self-employed;

B. Ancillary activities that you do perform in connection to your employment with AUAS:

  • activities associated with your own or AUAS's position;
  • you perform these ancillary activities with your supervisor's permission, as part of your employment contract and based on a secondment agreement.
  • AUAS is compensated for the ancillary activities, which compensation may or may not cover the costs involved;
  • examples: activities associated with the so-called third flow of funds with a different organisation, participation in an assessment committee.

Reporting and assessing ancillary activities

As an employee, you are required to report ancillary activities as referred to above under A, and where necessary under B, to your supervisor through the DSPM. You should do so when you enter our employment, or during your employment as soon as you intend to start performing these ancillary activities.

The Digital Service Point for Employees DSPE enables you to register your ancillary activities, under Self-service > Ancillary activities.

Your supervisor will subsequently determine whether the ancillary activities are compatible with your position at AUAS. This decision is based on a questionnaire that you have completed (see Appendix 2 of the Ancillary Activities scheme) as well as a conversation between you and your supervisor. If the outcome is positive, your supervisor will give you permission, which may or may not be subject to certain conditions. Arrangements on this matter will be laid down in the DSPE via the digital personnel file. Your supervisor will reassess their permission and your arrangements on an annual basis (for example, during the annual consultation). Any changes in your ancillary activities must be reported through the DSPE as soon as possible. In this case, your supervisor may have to reassess your ancillary activities. Where changes are limited to the employment scope or term, it suffices to register them in the DSPE.

More information

The Ancillary Activities scheme (in Dutch) sets out the arrangements on how AUAS handles ancillary activities.

Published by  HR 11 March 2021