Things to arrange before leaving auas

The annual income statement will still be sent to the address on record. If you move house after termination of employment, please email your new address to

In the month in which you have your last working day, you will receive a final statement of any mutual claims. This final statement will also include your remaining holiday entitlement (holiday allowance and leave days) and end-of-year bonus.

After the employment contract has ended, you will no longer have access to the Digital Service Point for Employees (DSPE) and your digital payslips. You can retrieve these for your own use before the last day of employment and send these to your personal email address.

The annual salary statement is sent by post to your home address in the month of January after the year in which the employment contract ended. (see also questions about the digital payslip).

When you leave the employment of AUAS, you must turn in your laptop, mobile telephone and/or tablet. Please contact your ICT contact person for this purpose. You can drop off a port replicator and/or headset at a pick-up and return location without an appointment. Your staff ID card will also be automatically inactivated and you must turn this in, as well.

Your travel allowance will end when you leave the employment of AUAS. If you do not want to keep your NS or GVB subscription, you must cancel these yourself in a timely fashion. Go to NS or GVB.

The ABP website provides an overview of the consequences for your pension if you switch employers or become unemployed. You can request the ABP brochure about the transfer of accrued benefits, when carrying over accrued pension entitlements to another pension fund.

You will accrue 37.5% pension on any unemployment benefit you receive after the employment ends. You can opt to accrue pension at a higher rate: this will involve making an additional contribution which you must pay in full yourself. You can submit a request to the ABP for increased pension accrual up to three months after dismissal.

AUAS has a network for pensioners, HvA United.

You must take as much of your remaining holiday leave as possible in the period between the date of termination and date on which the employment contract ends. You discuss this with your supervisor. If you still have holiday leave left when your employment contract ends, these holiday hours will be paid out. Your supervisor will arrange this in DSPE with a one-off payment.

If you have taken more holiday hours in the year of dismissal/resignation than you were entitled to, then the amount taken in excess of your entitlement will be offset against your salary.

Entitlement to hours under the scheme Long-term Employability will lapse after dismissal/resignation. These are not paid out.

Participation in AUAS’ group health insurance will be discontinued upon termination of the employment. You must contact the care insurer yourself in order to keep individual health insurance without the group discount. This individual insurance can be cancelled at the end of each year, in accordance with the statutory rules.

Early cancellation is only possible if, subsequent to your dismissal/resignation, you are able to participate in group health insurance through a new employer.

Published by  HR 20 December 2022