employee resigns

In some cases, you may terminate your employment contract yourself, for example because you have found a new job. If you have an employment contract for an indefinite period (D-2), you must observe a notice period of three months. If you have an employment contract for a definite period (D-3 or D-4), with a term of more than one year, you can terminate the employment contract early and you must observe a notice period of two months.

You will discuss your decision to end your employment contract with your supervisor/manager and reach agreements with them about matters such as handing over your duties, taking holiday leave and long-term employability hours and your last working day.


If you resign, you must arrange the termination of your employment via the (Digital Service Point for Employees (DSPE) at least one month before your last working day. Go to Self-service > Termination of employment. Personnel and Salary Administration will take care of the settlement of your employment, subject to the approval of your supervisor/manager.
For more information about resignation/dismissal, go to End of employment contract.

Written confirmation of the resignation will be sent by post to your home address. In the month in which you have your last working day, you will receive a final statement of any mutual claims in DSPE. More information can be found in the section Things to arrange before leaving AUAS.

Published by  HR 2 March 2021