End of the employment contract

Your employment contract with AUAS can end for various reasons, for example because you yourself resign, your employment contract ends because it is temporary and it is not renewed or you have reached the state pension age. It is also possible for AUAS to have a valid reason for terminating your permanent employment contract by giving notice. If you are dismissed, you will in some cases be entitled to compensation and unemployment benefit. And what do you have to sort out if you resign or are dismissed?

Are you a supervisor/manager or HR officer? More information can be found on the Dutch site under ‘Arbeidsovereenkomst - informatie voor hr en leidinggevenden- einde arbeidsovereenkomst'

More information can be found on the following subjects:

More information

  • In mijnrap.nl * the Collective Labour Agreement for Universities of Applied Sciences (CAO HBO) can be found under ‘Working Conditions’ and ‘Popular CLA topics’ contains an outline of the key topics in the CLA.
  • The HR department of your own faculty, department or unit will be able to provide you with more information.
Published by  HR 16 December 2022